Bookmarks: 5 Interesting Articles to Help You This Week

December 12th, 2016

Credit: iStockEach week, I select a few articles that rise above the fray and hopefully help you on your journey in the CRE world. They pull from one of four "corners:" corporate real estate, technology, management science and anything positive. I welcome your comments on these articles and the submissions of others (with credit to you if I post them). I wish you a terrific week!

How Successful People Network with Each Other"Networking is facing an inflection point. Most professionals are constantly bombarded with Facebook and LinkedIn connection requests, not to mention endless requests to “pick their brain.” Trying to stand out in the midst of that noise is a losing battle, and you probably don’t have time to send a bunch of cold emails anyway.

Instead, you can successfully network with the most prominent people by doing something very different from everyone else: attracting them to you with inbound networking. In other words, make yourself interesting enough that they choose to seek you out. Here are three ways to do it."

[tweet_box design="box_09" float="none"]successfully network with the most prominent people by doing something very different: attracting them to you with inbound networking[/tweet_box]

Meet The Woman Behind LinkedIn's Thriving Company Culture"So what does LinkedIn do in order to maintain and develop its culture? The woman currently tasked with answering that question is Nina McQueen, VP of Global Benefits, Mobility, and Employee Experience.

McQueen is one of the best people in Silicon Valley to discuss actively managing culture. Her background includes companies like Yahoo, Facebook, and Gap, Inc. At LinkedIn, she leads the Benefits & Employee Experience teams, which focuses on sustaining a strong culture in the

No Laptop, No Phone, No Desk: UBS Reinvents the Work Space"The elimination of fixed desks is not a new concept — it has proved particularly popular among technology companies and start-ups — but only in recent years has technology made it more viable for larger companies.

It is still a rarity, however, in investment banking. Citigroup is one of the few companies that has a similar setup, at its new headquarters in downtown Manhattan."

How To Earn Your Manager's Respect"recent HBR study of nearly 20,000 employees around the world found that the most important thing that workers want from their managers is respect. “If you don’t feel respected, you won’t be engaged in your work,” says Linda Hill, professor at Harvard Business School and the coauthor of Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader. Respect from your boss has many layers, according to Michael Watkins, chairman of Genesis Advisers and a professor at IMD. It begins with being seen as “someone worth keeping and someone [your boss] wants to have as part of his team.” It progresses to being viewed as an employee deserving of “interesting and challenging assignments,” and finally as an employee that your manager, “wants to invest in and develop because he thinks you have a bright future.” Wanting respect is one thing; getting it is another. Here are some strategies." www.hbr.comWhen You Outgrow Your iCloud StorageHow can I tell how much iCloud storage I have? Should I look at my iPhone or my computer?www.nytimes.comYour success blesses others. I wish you a great a hugely impactful week!Ken