Bookmarks: 5 Interesting Articles to Help You This Week

August 21st, 2017

Credit: iStockEach week, I select a few articles that rise above the fray and hopefully help you on your journey in the CRE world. They pull from one of four "corners:" corporate real estate, technology, management science and anything positive. I welcome your comments on these articles and the submissions of others (with credit to you if I post them). I wish you a terrific week!

How New Managers Can Send the Right Leadership Signals“One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager. At this juncture, what you think, what you say, and how you show up —in effect, your leadership presence — can have a direct impact on those you are now leading and managing for the first time. So, as a new manager, how do you build an authentic and connected leadership presence that has a positive impact on your team and colleagues?”

[tweet_box design="box_09" float="none"]One of the most exciting and — sometimes anxiety-producing transitions in a career — comes when you move from being an individual contributor to becoming a manager[/tweet_box]

The 40% Rule; Navy Seals Guide to Mental Toughness“..When your mind is telling you that you are are only 40% done. We had a motto: If it doesn't suck, we don't do it."

[tweet_box design="box_09" float="none"]You can build a business strategy around the things that are stable in time. Jeff Bezos[/tweet_box]

How to Manage Someone Who Thinks Everything Is Urgent"We’ve all been in situations in which we couldn’t wait for a slow-moving or overly cautious employee to take action. But at the other extreme, some employees have such a deep need to get things resolved that they move too quickly, or too intensely, and make a mess. They may make a bad deal just to say they’ve made it, or issue a directive without thinking through the ramifications just to say they’ve handled a problem decisively.

Americans More Gung-ho About Economy in August, Consumer Sentiment Survey Shows"Republicans, and to a lesser extent independents, have been the most optimistic in 2017, though Democrats aren’t as gloomy as they had been. The economy continues to pump out thousands of new jobs each month, the unemployment rate is at a 16-year low and Americans are better off financially than they’ve been in years."

Why Millennials Have A Complicated Relationship With Travel"Millennials seem to have found themselves in a tricky spot. The more they follow the axiomatic advice to “stop and smell the roses,” the more frequently they’re accused of malaise. The more they discuss practical solutions to enduring problems, the more they’re labeled as “entitled.”

So it’s not going to help their predicament any to learn that millennials seem to value travel more than previous generations. Cue the accusations of being “discontent” with their work and home lives.The truth is, both science and common sense drive home the importance of broadening our horizons, which sure makes it seem like millennials know something their elders may not. So let’s dive into the surprisingly nuanced conversation emerging about millennials’ relationship with travel." www.forbes.comYour success blesses others. I wish you a great a hugely impactful week!Ken